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Exclusive Bonus Color-In Vinyl Jacket
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Exclusive Bonus Color-In Vinyl Jacket
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  • Honolulu! We're playing at The Republik on April 4! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am HST! Get your tickets...

    Feb 10 2015
  • New Zealand! Our upcoming show at The Studio on March 25th sold out very quickly, so we are moving to a bigger venue...

    Feb 02 2015
  • Tickets go on sale TODAY at 10am LOCAL TIME for our spring tour with Clutch. It was a fanboy dream to tour with...

    Jan 23 2015
  • Pre-sale tickets are available starting today for our upcoming tour. Click...

    Jan 22 2015
  • We are coming to Auckland, NZ on March 25th! Get your tickets, they are going fast!...

    Jan 21 2015
  • We're heading out on a co-headline tour with Clutch that kicks off in St. Paul, MN on April 16! Pre-sale tickets...

    Jan 20 2015
  • We're playing the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta in May! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am...

    Jan 14 2015
  • We've added a couple shows in Japan in April!

    April 1 - Tokyo @ Liquidroom
    April 2 - Osaka @ Bigcat...

    Jan 08 2015
  • Check it out! We collaborated with The Ave Venice and created some Mastodon Converse!

    Each and every...

    Dec 17 2014
  • We've been nominated for Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance: "High Road" from our new album Once More...

    Dec 07 2014
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